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The Jazzland All Stars Trio
Scott Mariash, Larry Nader & Jack Pierson

Current Jazz Activities 

EVERY Tuesday Night

Live Jazz Jam Sessions  - 7:00 pm 'til 10:00pm - "FREE" No Cover

Saturday -   Live Jazz Performances Every Saturday Night -   8pm 'til Midnight    

If you are looking for a small concert, classy club, or an exciting venue to enjoy live jazz, or if you are a music student or teacher or just someone looking for the jazz experience, you'll make the most comprehensive find right here at JAZZLAND.


As a Jazz Club and Florida corporation, based in Jacksonville. JAZZLAND'S mission is to help Jazz musicians stay afloat in this edgy economy by encouraging the local performance and appreciation of Jazz music, America's greatest original art form. Our collaboration includes business and professional people, musicians, educators, students and just plain "listeners". We share a common focus: to help Jazz and jazz musicians thrive in Jacksonville by sponsoring live Jazz performances and by encouraging Jazz education through our lecture series and through the support of community members who share these interests.


It's hard today, but Jazz still has fans, and popular young stars are rising and they attract audiences. We know how gray and bald heads dominate jazz audiences but a vibrant younger audience is emerging. Still, with jazz clubs closing or on life support, there are few jobs and more musicians. We want to help jazz musicians earn a living.


Yesterday and Today for Jazz Musicians and Fans

Once, there was the traditional jazz apprenticeship who toured with an established star. Times have changed. Now there are fewer permanent bands with members who tour together for an extended time. Instead, performances are more likely to entail quick gatherings of musicians that form for a short time to play a venue and then split up again.  Most jazz musicians don't make a lot of money consistently during their careers. Consequently, they teach, compose, give lessons, do commercial work and perform whenever possible to supplement their income. Since there are many more musicians than gigs, they play for the love of the music. Billy Taylor, pianist, composer and educator, says it best. "One plays in department stores, and in banks, and in all sorts of exotic venues. The economics are such that many people who play very well don't get an opportunity to record to the extent that they should; therefore you don't hear them."


JAZZLAND knows that despite the tough economy, young musicians have some advantages older musicians did not. Today's artists must play many styles of jazz well, they use the Web to reach audiences, and know that a new requirement of being a musician is learning the business of music since long-term touring opportunities no longer exist for younger artists. Today it is difficult to book a two-week tour. There used to be clubs up and down the coasts and in the middle. Now finding club work is difficult. Conversely, younger artist have the advantage of social networking. My Space and Facebook pages keep them in touch with fellow musicians, showcase their videos and update fans about tours. Moreover, younger musicians see great value in playing with multiple bands during a year. It is all they know and for them it provides experience equivalent to working with an older artist for months or years at a time.


Operating a Jazz Club is not easy, but building an effective collaboration together with creative appreciation strategies can make a huge difference in increasing responsiveness among musicians and patrons alike. With that goal in mind, our corporation was established in November of 2010, and we have worked long and hard to make our Jazz Listening Room ready to express how we pride ourselves on providing musicians and patrons with a high-quality venue for Live Jazz, great musicians and the availability for private parties and promotions. Our club is conveniently located in the heart of Jacksonville in the Arlington area, just minutes away from Jacksonville University.
Providing good service means taking the time to listen. We will work with you every step of the way by bringing outstanding musicians to make sure you enjoy great music and receive the services you deserve. Our business is musician-patron oriented as we maintain strict conformance to Jazz music.

We hope you'll enjoy this site and the efforts of our company together with the music services we provide. We look forward to seeing a lot of you!

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Jazzland On Any Saturday Night

Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To offer the finest Jazz Musicians. 
  • To  promote an inclusive environment for Jazz appreciation in the community.

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Our Jazz partners offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous positions. We are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.