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JAZZLAND offers performance opportunities to Jazz musicians and is always open to listening and hearing about you and your group! At JAZZLAND, our mission is to feature a world of Great Jazz Musicians. We will do our best to showcase seasoned dynamic Jazz acts. JAZZLAND will also reserve a few slots for bands that are not so seasoned but still developing. Meaning, if you are a new jazz band don't be discouraged. A little practice and promotion will go far. We will try our best to find a slot for you even if we say no the first time. To seasoned Jazz Musicians with a following, please send us your press kits as we are always building our schedule. And remember, If you are a  Jazz Solo Performer, we want to see you too! BUT…Please remember ... the genre is JAZZ... so before you submit your info, make sure JAZZLAND is an appropriate venue for your act.

Come And be Part of a Long Successful Journey Right Here In The Wonderful World of

Jazzland...  Where The Great Musicians Play!

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