Jazzland Cafe
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Here's What Our Patrons Are Saying....

"Hi Carole
Nancy and I had a wondeful time at Jazzland Saturday night. You don't know how good it feels to be in a real jazz venue again; I think its been 5 years.
Been playing too many gigs at restaurants ("can you keep it down?", "do you know any Jimmy Buffett?", ) over the last few years,
I almost forgot what live jazz sounds like.
Anyway, it was great to meet you and see such a good turnout at the opening. We'll be making the trip up as often as our schedules and wallet allow us to.
See you soon
John Crider"
Dear Jazzland, 
I am very happy to finally have a place to go to listen to Jazz on a regular basis. Its really a nice spot to go to.

Four men toasting at party